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Choosing a Continuous Delivery Provider: 5 Questions to Ask

At a time when updates need to get to the market faster than ever, and at a time when IT teams are stretched and searching for ways to do more, the question isn’t, Should we adopt continuous delivery? The question is, How or better yet, Who? If your company wants to be successful at getting new features into production sooner, you might be considering a business automation partner to help improve the speed, stability and management of your application or integration deployments. Because continuous delivery service providers play a critical role in helping your business seize opportunities and streamline as well as automate the software build-test-release life cycle, you need to find the right partner.

How Are You Doing Automation? A Continuous Delivery Self-audit

When we talk with CIO’s and IT executives about the business case for automation and more specifically around continuous delivery build/deploy process, before we talk technology or numbers, we often ask about emotions, risks and opportunities around releases. If you’re considering investing in continuous delivery, take a moment to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your team’s current release process by asking these three questions.