Middleware360 Solutions is a success because of its people

Our History

Co-founded by Derek Marley and Adam Edwards in 2011, Middleware360 has quickly grown to be a trusted end-to-end IT solutions provider for many top Canadian organizations.

With a focus on business automation and integration, Derek and Adam set out to help organizations that were drowning in data yet lacked the insight to really cross utilize their enterprise systems in an integrated way.

Today, Middleware360 brings value to its clients in many different ways. With expertise in IT architecture strategy & design, business automation & integration, agile custom application development, and tactical project implementation Middleware360 is quickly becoming a top service provider. Bringing exceptional knowledge, our expanding team of experts is helping organizations gain efficiencies, streamline manual workflows, and access more timely, accurate data so they can respond faster to critical business demands.

Our core values

Our team is fuelled by a set of core values. They are a living, breathing part of our internal culture, and help empower us in every decision and action:

MDW360 Value - Think Innovation
 MDW360 Value - Create Remarkable Experiences
MDW360 Value - Foster Collaboration
MDW360 Value - Be Accountable
 MDW360 Value - Deliver Value

"Our people are our success. We're a team of architects and developers that have come together, have a passion for technology and really enjoy providing solutions for our clients." Derek Marley, CEO