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Working proactively with organizations across various industries, Middleware360 Solutions can help chief information officers and key business decision makers figure out how to implement a comprehensive automation and integration strategy and framework, while supporting their on-going business demands and still be responsive to change.

For most clients, this is one of the most important but most challenging initiatives facing an organization. Over time systems become isolated or inter-connected with purpose-built point-to-point interfaces and there is limited time and skilled resources to sort through growing issues. Organizational systems are mission critical and downtime for the business is not an option.

Middleware360 provides clients with extensive hands-on business automation & integration technical expertise and project delivery experience to guide you through.

Partnering to Automate & Integrate Your Business

Global Service Enablement

Expose business application functions, and data to internal platform. Finance/Accounting, Costing Modules, HR System/Employee Data

Internal Platform

Enable service to bring together core business system, and subsystems into a compershensive SOA corporate platform. Enable system to work within single platform.

External Platform

Enable cloud-based storage and access to services. Provide a consistent and secured platform for interaction with systems and 3rd party providers outside the internal network.

Middleware360 Solutions Service Oriented Architecture

Middleware360 SOA Enablement Methodology

Our methodology supports evolving a progressive SOA framework within an organization that helps to identify critical components of the infrastructure and quickly implement, along with high-priority integrations to support business process.

Service Oriented Architecture Methodology Benefits Service Oriented Architecture Methodology Benefits Service Oriented Architecture Methodology Benefits

Taking A Phased Approach

Our experience using this approach has shown to be more cost effective and better value to the organization's stakeholders over the long term. The organization is more involved in the development and use of the new SOA infrastructure, and the final product is better suited to the organization's requirement.

Service Oriented Architecture Methodology Sample Approach

The greatest challenge; Figuring out how to implement a comprehensive integration strategy and framework while supporting an organization's on-going business demands and still being responsive to change. Let's Talk